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A Treacherous Man is on the 2022 3-Day Novel Shortlist

One of six finalists

Anvil Press has announced the long-list for the 2022 3-Day Novel Contest. My entry, A Treacherous Man, is a finalist!

The winner will be announced in June.

You can see all the finalists here and learn more about the contest.

A Treacherous Man synopsis

Raymond Stride believes he provides a noble service — renting sex dolls to lonely, shy, and curious people. He goes about his work as discreetly as possible, but it doesn’t come without unwanted attention. For instance, Vanessa Vandal is discomfited by Raymond’s business location, too close, she believes, to her micro-brewery. They do battle on social media and the arcane sub-committees of the city business licensing bureau. But of late, Vanessa’s righteous onslaught is the least of Raymond’s worries. One of his dolls, Mustang, has been kidnapped and held for reasons unknown. Another, Anastasia, well, as insane as it sounds, has mysteriously animated and she now roams the city attacking and sometimes killing men who have wronged women. And he’s been presented with a petition for better working conditions signed by Min, his most in-demand poppet. Given these events, Raymond is spiralling into paranoia. Are his dolls unionizing? Is he liable for Anastasia’s vengeful spree? Is Mustang getting enough to eat?

A Treacherous Man is novel of ill-manners: satirical, absurd, violent, and over the top. It is the story of a city and its media and government, businesses and law enforcement. It a melange of picaresque, detective, and gothic themes with a healthy dollop of pornography the erotic.


All material, unless otherwise noted, Copyright © Todd Besant. All rights reserved.

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