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The Ravishing Corpse on 2020 3-Day Novel Long-list

Last updated on May 17, 2023

One of thirteen long-listed entries

This week Anvil Press announced the long-list for the 2020 3-Day Novel Contest.

There were over two hundred entries and my novel The Ravishing Corpse made the cut along with twelve other novels.

You can see the complete long-list here and learn what happens next.

The Ravishing Corpse synopsis:

Nikki only wants what’s best for Jason. She’s a domestic goddess. She earns. And she’s helping him finish a “true crime novel” based on a local unsolved murder. She’s sacrificed so much for Jason. But he’s killed her. He’s certain he did. But soon they’re living in a fieldstone house on the acreage where his grandfather murdered a man. In addition to adding new tricks to their already vigorous sex life, Nikki starts sending Jason on late-night “missions” to forewarn women who are soon to be killed by their partners, women who are indiscernible from Jason’s past lovers.

As Jason comes to grips with his romantic and sexual past, seeks out women in danger, and works to outwit the Vampires investigating Nikki’s murder, he discovers ex-dead Nikki has been enacting her own agenda for revenge.


All material, unless otherwise noted, Copyright © Todd Besant. All rights reserved.

Photo credit:  dMadPhoto on VisualHunt

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