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We’ve Burned

We’ve burned the furniture and started on the books. Luckily there’s a small library within our palisade. The fuel trucks are still smouldering in what the map calls terra nullius. The UN is no help. We were able to clear the orphanage. The toddlers thought it a big game but the infants are not okay. Yesterday we had to repel a scavenger group near the East Gate—I think they were Australians—and one woman was helicoptered out in the night. Something’s not right, but the agent offered coupon codes for our trouble. So glad we chose the tinned goods and wild game option. The pool was not as advertised. We’ll be home Tuesday afternoon. So sorry you couldn’t come with. Next year we’ll do something family friendly—maybe Guernica or Sarajevo.

This story won the third prize in the 14th Annual Geist Postcard Story Contest.
It first appeared in Geist issue 109.

This story was submitted, and rejected, for consideration for the 2022 Fractured Lit Reprint Prize judged by Meg Pokrass. Read the rejection letter!

Copyright © Todd Besant. All rights reserved.

Best paired with Столичная, icebox cold.

Reprint and reproduction rights for this story are available for purchase. Contact me for more information on Anthologies, Course Packs, Reading Comprehension Exams, Translations, and Dramatic Adaptations

Photo credit: pcorreia on Visualhunt

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